Lam Pin Min

It has been a privileged to be able to serve the residents of Sengkang West over the past 9 years. I have made many new friends and strengthened many old friendships.

With your strong support, Sengkang West has transformed tremendously over the years. However it is more than just infrastructural development that defines a community. The heart and soul of a community encompass the people and activities that help bind us together.

We have exciting plans for Sengkang West in the areas of hardware, software and heartware.

In terms of ‘hardware’ which refers to the infrastructure of our vibrant town, we have many new developments planned for the next few years. In the coming year, there will be about 1000 new places at childcare centres across Sengkang West so that residents can plan for (more) children and benefit from the baby bonus plus and medisave grants :)
. There will also be the Sengkang General and Community Hospitals in Anchorvale and an integrated community facility next to the newly constructed Seletar Mall, after consulting residents living in the vicinity. This facility will house a wet market, hawker centre, childcare and other amenities.

Our ‘software’ plans look into community engagement and interesting activities to build a more cohesive society. We will be organising more programmes and activities for the children, families and the elderly. We also want to reach out to families through activities which encourage family bonding such as cycling and educational tours.

At the national level, healthcare issues have always been close to my heart. I look forward to addressing healthcare issues mainly in areas of healthcare affordability, primary care services enhancement and child and youth health promotion, as I strongly believe good healthy habits should start young.

For the underprivileged, our Sengkang West Angels Committee has been reaching out to them through various ‘heartware’ programmes. We have plans to enhance this through collaboration with community partners (such as schools and religious organisations) as well as other VWOs.

If elected, these are my plans for residents in this blossoming region in the north east. However, this can only be done with your support. And I sincerely hope that you will give me this mandate to continue serving you. Let me work for you, with you, and for our Sengkang West community. Please vote for me. Please vote for PAP. Thank you!


2016 & beyond…
• Large Childcare Centre at Fernvale Link (mid-2016)
• Dual Carriage LRT (in 2016)
• Improved Bus Services (in2016)
• MOE Kindergartens@ Springdale Primary & 470A Fernvale Link (in 2016)
• Sengkang General and Community Hospitals (in 2018)
• Integrated Community Facility