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Sengkang West House Visits

House Visit is an important and useful platform for me to reach out and engage the residents. Over the last 9 years, I had consistently conducted regular house visits to meet residents and to gather feedback on government policies and suggestions to improve on their living environment.
My team and I are thankful to the residents […]

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GPC (Health) Paper on Improving the Healthcare Affordability for Singaporeans

1.            Healthcare systems all over the world struggle with rising healthcare costs.  In Singapore, the old adage “it is better to die than to fall sick” resonates with many Singaporeans, especially those from the lower and middle income families.  This leaves many Singaporeans worried and apprehensive about their current and future medical needs.


2.            This report […]

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Dual-Carriage LRT coming to Sengkang and Punggol

As announced by Minister for Transport during the 2012 Committe of Supply Parliamentary sitting, MOT / LTA will be looking into improving the LRT capacity and frequency.

In a recent visit to the Sengkang MRT station, Mrs Josephine Teo, Minister of State for MOT confirmed that the current single-car system will be converted into a two-car system […]

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Altruistic Organ Donation

The New Paper has featured the story of a case of altruistic kidney donation over the past 2 days.

It is indeed very inspiring and uplifting to read about such altruistic act of selfless giving.  It gives us much hope that the society has not turned “cold” and there are still many heros and heroines out […]

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Building a Socially Resilient Singapore

There is no doubt that Singapore has done well economically. We have transformed ourselves from a third world, to a first world country in just over 4 decades, in spite of our lack of natural resources and many other challenges. Our strength is in our ability to transform and adapt to the ever changing environment, […]

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Ethos of Public Service vs Fair Remuneration

Ministerial Salaries have been a controversial and emotive topic since 1994, when the White Paper on Competitive Salaries for Competent and Honest Government established private sector salary benchmarks to peg the salaries of Ministers and Administrative Officers.  I have heard the various important issues arguing for or against the formula proposed by the Ministerial Salary […]

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Bringing Forward Sengkang Hospital from 2020 to 2018

This is the latest post by Minister for Health in his MOH blog:


On several occasions, MPs, the media and Singaporeans I met have asked me whether we can ease the current squeeze on the capacity of our restructured hospitals and whether our new hospitals and other healthcare infrastructure can be built faster. We have indeed accelerated […]

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The Giving Tree

In the closing speech of the Debate of the President’s Address last month, I related the story of “The Giving Tree”.  

This is a story which I used to read to my children when they were much younger.  It was published in 1964 by Harper and Row. It is a children’s book written and illustrated by Shel Silverstein. […]

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Social Graces and Neighbourliness

In my past 5 years as MP, I had received many feedback from residents about the undesirable behaviour of some residents.  These include noise pollution from blasting the volumes of the TV and radio, dragging of chairs and tables in the quiet of the night, slamming of doors in wee hours and hammering of walls at […]

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Heart-Warming Appreciation from a Resident

Life as a public figure is never easy.  The amount of public scrutiny and and the number of online criticisms can be tremendous, especially with the liberalisation of the new media.  Nonetheless, I always believe in doing my best in whatever responsibilities I have been tasked.  My role as a doctor has also equipped me […]

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