Life as a public figure is never easy.  The amount of public scrutiny and and the number of online criticisms can be tremendous, especially with the liberalisation of the new media.  Nonetheless, I always believe in doing my best in whatever responsibilities I have been tasked.  My role as a doctor has also equipped me well with the necessary attributes to listen, comfort and help those around me.

However, I do get words of appreciation and encouragement from thankful residents and friends and my greatest source of strength will be from my loving family.  An example will be an email I received from an Anchorvale resident last month.  It reads:

” Dr. Lam, I am writing to you as a resident of ‘Anchorvale’ Sengkang and you as the MP who has given so much of time, effort and dedication in keeping our premises here safe, clean and beautiful.  In short it’s a very enjoyable place to live in.
I have met and spoken to you in person, in front of my house when you were going on your ‘house visits’ rounds a year or so ago.
In appreciation of what you have done for the residents of Sengkang, namely in the premises of ‘Anchorvale’ where we are, I would like to present to you an acrylic painting  that I have painted, with little foreground add-ons not in actual scenery.  It is a painting of ‘Anchorvale Community Club’ over-looking from the river beside it.  I hope you will accept this genuine appreciation of mine. 
The inspiration for this painting was from what I have seen while taking one of my regular strolls in the late afternoon.  The scene was very mesmerizing at time.  You have a big part in developing this beautiful site – thank you Dr. Lam.  I am very sure the place will turn up to be more and more pleasant with you at the helm.”

It is little words of encouragement like this that makes my work as a MP so meaningful…

[ The acrylic painting has been presented to the Anchorvale CC on 17th April 2011 during the Sengkang West Community Dialogue event ]