A sleeping lion that has woken up.  This is what some residents have described Sengkang West today.  Some 5-10 years ago, there were hardly any facilities nor large-scale activities organised.  It was a quiet town, with only HDB residential blocks and a few coffeeshops around.  A Straits Times article 5 years ago even compared Sengkang with Punggol and branded the former as an “Ulu” place.  Obvioulsy, this had upset many of my grassroots leaders, who are also residents in Sengkang West.

Since then, we decided to “brand” ourselves, build a common identity and to transform Sengkang West into a “Suburban Recreational Hub” – one that not only pride itself with enviable facilities but also “happening and cool” activities for all ages.

We have since organised many large scale sports events including the first heartlands Go-Kart event (K1 mania), celebratory dinners, arts and music festivals, family carnivals and even year-end count down parties with fireworks displays by the Punggol river.

I guess, pictures speak a thousand words……